I swear to inspire one more woman to ride a bike (Friday Roundup)

For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, Google Plus, etc.: Are you working or something?

This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

And a fat chance of getting one.

Traffic planning in 1950s USA. Audio track is flawed, but still great:

Toronto Protesters Meet Bike Lane Removal Crew Head On | Streetsblog.net

Happy Bicycles, Normal Bicycles. Bicycles in childrens' books

Doesn't hurt to color-coordinate with mother nature. When in Rome...... and by Rome I mean Maryland.

This would take a lot of trust

The CycloFemme pledge

Trailer: iBIKE Le Film = hard core hipster bike porn (yet safe for work)

Documentary "The Last Kilometer" asks What is Cycling? What has Cycling Become?
Cargo Bike Capital - Rio de Janeiro "Just getting on with it."

School bus by bike, India.

Another great take on post-#Sandy cycling

The Invisible Visible Man: Whatever the weather, cycling's proved a post-Sandy surprise

A Year Without a Car: Reflections of a Recovering Suburbanite

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