Post-Sandy Bike Commuting Tips for New Yorkers

Hey, New Yorkers! Are you still figuring out your post-Sandy bike commute? I’m 2069 miles away, but I haven’t forgotten you.

I’m happy to pass along these tips from Bike New York:

  • Be careful of any obstructions in the road. Downed tree limbs and wet leaves are particularly dangerous.
  • Some flooding may have opened up a few new potholes, so be extra vigilant, even if you ride the same route everyday.
  • Have your front and rear lights on (blink setting if available), even during the day. You want to be as visible as possible.
  • Help a biker out! If you see a biker or pedestrian who needs help, be sure to slow down and see if there is anything you can do to help.
 Review: Burley Travoy as Post-Apocalyptic Trailer?  @  The Path Less Pedaled
Screen shot: The Path Less Pedaled

And, New Yorkers, Russ from The Path Less Pedaled (2439 miles away, in Portland) is thinking of you too. He’s using and reviewing a Burley Travoy to haul his camera gear.

But in his latest post he contemplates the value of a good bike trailer when bugging out of gridlocked city in a hurry — whether because of another Sandy-size storm (in the likelihood it will happen again) or even in the Zombie Apocalypse (which is perhaps even more likely, in Russ’ mind).

True, in the movie Zombieland, rule number 22 is “When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out.” But good cargo-carrying gear is not just for evacuation scenarios, it’s helpful for making living in the city easy when a bike is your primary source of transportation — by choice or necessity.

If you’re thinking you might be into bike commuting for the medium- or long-haul, Bike New York also sent these practical gear recommendations:

  • Panniers and large messenger bags are great for storing dried goods.
  • For larger items it's better for you and your bike to have a cargo trailer.
  • Be sure to bring a frame pump along with a patch kit and some spare tubes because of extra debris on the road.
  • Many routes that were most affected by the storm are near greenways and bike routes. Before heading out to help in the Sandy relief efforts, riders should stop by their local bike shop and pick up a free NYC Bike Map to easily navigate the bike paths.


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