'Big thoughtless blundering beasts' (Friday Roundup)

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This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

Get out before it gets cold! California: No excuses.
This was posted by someone whose initials are M.o.l.l.y.R.u.s.s.e.l.l. Explain yourself, Molly. What happens after it gets cold? Hmm…?

Check out our Chariot Sale inspired photos! (Because there are only 51 shopping days left before Christmas..)

The New York Times has caught on...

Do you ever feel like some users of the road are big, thoughtless blundering beasts?

Vote by Bike. No lines. No fuss. No bike racks either. -Ted

A motorist drives on the sidewalk, using a similar rationale used by some some cyclists:

I've seen your "EXTREME COMMUTING" video :-)
Cyclelicio.us busts me for hypocrisy.

Ok, now that the election is over let's get back to riding bikes and fighting for the rights of cyclists all over this country!

Heuristic: if a place has sidewalks, it votes Democratic. Otherwise, it votes Republican.

"We ask that Obama's 2nd term pivot transportation policy; prioritize transit, ped, and bicycle transportation."

Slip on winter spikes for winter bikes

Richmond is for (Bike) Lovers! ... goes Bronze-level BFC

These folks don't let a little winter stop them from bike commuting!

Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge
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"Eyes were not designed for driving" and other sciency info from a fighter pilot on seeing and being seen
What does this remind me of… Oh yes:
Similar is XKDC's warning sign to motorists
Also possibly several miles
 beyond that.

In today's newspaper the theory of Peak Car is part of the 'cities for cycling' coverage
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