Ross's Pollution-Reducing Pyramid Ride

Tomorrow is Halloween and there will be plenty of little ghosts and goblins out hunting for candy. Others will hole away indoors watching spooktastic movies about monsters and mad scientists and their wild inventions. Which brings us to Ross’s invention: the Purviance Pyramid — shown strapped to his Xtracycle bike trailer, deck, and racks. Here’s the story and science behind it:

If you know anybody in Los Angeles ask them how the chemtrails are in LA. They will probably tell you, “There aren’t any chemtrails in Los Angeles.” They would be correct. There are chem tails in Los Angeles instead of the long chemtrails. You can see the chem tails and the S Curves. With the purviance pyramid moved before 7:00 am 5 miles (It may have to be around 5:30 a.m. during summer) you will no longer see the long streaks of poison chemtrails. You will be free. You don’t have to project any intention or anything any mental or spiritual projections other than your natural heightened spiritual beingness. All you have to do is move your purviance pyramid 5 miles before 7:00 a.m. every day.

Commuting by bike is a good way to keep the air clear of pollutants….. or purchase your own purviance pyramid if you must. We’re all doing our part.Learn about chemtrails, spiritual projections and more on Ross’s website. Happy Haunting! OooOOooo!!
The pyramid going to town on that S Curve.
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