Tigers and Bike Commuting: Together at Last (Friday Roundup)

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This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

Bicycle Infrastructure Can Reduce Risk of Cycling Injuries by Half, Canadian Study Finds

Someone has finally developed a blog for Bike Commuting and Tigers. What took so long? -Ted

Bob's Adams Trail-A-Bike repurpose and "Tidy Cat" brand panniers

Paradoxically, switching from the car to the bicycle will reduce the total time we spend on travel

There's more to "Share the Road" than just motorists and cyclists.

Ride on a public eyesore? Yes. If that atrocity were ever built, it would be plastered in advertisements -- like the tube is.
Architizer Blog A Bike Ride In The Sky

Do the rules of the Sikorsky Prize preclude performance enhancing drugs?

Pete will be reviewing the Hill Topper for Commute by Bike.

A feelgood story about a cyclist from a car company?
Never mind my cynicism. Click through and watch the video.

It's not the three cents it would take to charge the battery off the power grid. it's the principle.

Where the sidewalks and bike lanes eat smog.

Check out some serious family cycling in action!

A passion for bikes meets a fascination with cardboard

What's worse than riding the door zone?

Wonk out!

Balloons by Bike
This rider isn’t trying to have an ultralight bike; he’s got balls.

The Lumberyard in Portland extends biking season for those that don't like to bike in the rain.

Rain not a problem at Oregon indoor mountain bike park | Outdoors | Eugene News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KVAL CBS 13

Vancouver really doesn't look too shabby for bike commuting!

Utility Cycling meets Spandex.
That’s not a three-cheek butt. Clickthough to see it better.

Enjoy the rest of autumn before winter brings in the cold weather and the complaining children!
The winter doesn’t bring in the complaining children. Not if you have locks on your doors.

How to carry a bike on a bike?


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