Bike-Powered Piano Folk Rock Tour

Music and bikes are always a great combination, in my opinion, so I love a good cross-country music tour by bike. Singer-songwriter Stephan Nance is doing just that, and he’s helping youth out along the way. In order to enable him to haul his 70lb keyboard around by bike (read: obtain a Surly Big Dummy), he’s launched a Kickstarter Project to fund the tour and make a webumentary (now that’s a new term to me). Stephan and his friend Rebecca will be working with local groups associated with the Safe Schools Coalition, Gay-Straight Alliances, and Safe Routes to Schools along the way through group rides and music events. And hey, they’ll even be making Tucson their last stop! Learn more about the tour below, and watch the whole video to hear his catchy tune about a bike-car “interaction”.

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