Ten Ways to Promote the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

We have mere days to go to fully fund the Kickstarter Project for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer.Currently we have just over one-third of the $25,000 we need to raise.If you’ve already pledged, the only way to get your rewards will be if the project is fully funded.To see these trailers on the streets, on bike paths, and behind your bike, here are some things you can do.

Ten Ways to Promote the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer:

  1. Pledge — at any amountEvery pledge gets us closer to our goal.
  2. Pledge AgainReally. Is one Tuba really enough? Why not pledge for a Business Fleet, or multiple Fully-Loaded versions of the trailer? The full retail price will be more than the price of our pledge rewards. Take a second look at our great rewards. We’ve added two e-bikes as rewards! (See below)
  3. Promote the Tuba on FacebookAre you on Facebook or Twitter? Of course you are. Here’s how.
    Share the Wandertec Tuba on Facebook - Step 1
    Step 1: Go to our Kickstarter page and click Like
    Share the Wandertec Tuba on Facebook - Step 2
    Step 2: Write something splendiferous about the Tuba and Post to Facebook
  4. Tweet About It
    Tweet the Wandertec Tuba on Twitter
    Twitter users, click the Tweet button. You know the rest.
  5. Blog About It
    Embed or Share the URL
    For Advanced Tuba Promoters: Embed the Tuba video in your blog or share the short URL.
  6. Skywrite About It
    Skywrite about the Wanderec Tuba
    Tip: Use the short URL if you pay by the letter
  7. Forward our press release to your contacts in the media
    Wandertec Tuba Press Release
    Stop the press!
  8. Edit the speech of a Presidential Candidate
    Obama and Romney
    Attention Campaign Workers..
    Obama Version:

    We come here to choose the bike trailer of our nation. I stand here before you, my tires pumped, my credit card ready. I ask that you join me; join me in this Kickstarter project. Join me in making this country a role model for utility cycling. Join me in reducing the demand for foreign oil, a place in which pedaling is not just about recreation, is not only a passing phase that adults are forced to abandon, is not about ignoring our the obvious benefits of bikes and staying the course. Together, we can make this a country in which cycling means how folks get around, to do everything, having more fun, and pedaling toward a greater future. We come here to pledge to the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer.

    Romney Version:

    In the richest country in the history of the world, health insurance premiums are higher. Food prices are higher. Utility bills are higher, and gasoline prices, they’ve doubled. Nearly one out of three Americans owns a bike. Look around you. Why don’t they use them more? Not because bikes can’t be carried on the roof of a car the way dogs can. It’s because bikes can’t carry as much as a car. The Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer can carry as much as the trunk of a car. By using the Wandertec Tuba, Americans will have relief from high health care costs and high fuel costs. The Wandertec Tuba is made in Arizona. if we all pledge to the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer, we are keeping manufacturing jobs in America, not sending these jobs to China.

    Seriously, Campaign Workers, that would totally work.

  9. Create Urban Art
    Create Urban Art for the Wandertec Tuba
    No. Don’t really do this.
    Wandertec, Inc. assumes no liability for any illegal activity undertaken promoting the Wandertec Tuba.
  10. Play the Tuba Nonstop Until your Neighbors Pledge
    Flame Throwing Tuba Player
    Flame throwing is optional
    Wandertec, Inc. assumes no liability for what your neighbors may do to you while you are promoting the Wandertec Tuba.

Get a Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer with an Electric Bike

Did you read Josh Lipton’s guest post on Electric Bike Report?A Wandertec Tuba in combination with an electric bike makes for a great car replacement.We have two electric bikes that we have gently used as demos, and we are now offering them in combination with a fully-loaded Tuba Trailer.These bikes are in new condition, and you can get them for less than their retail prices — including a Wandertec Tuba Trailer

Hebb ElectroGlide 500 E-Bike
Hebb ElectroGlide 500 E-Bike (Click for more details on this bike)
Pledge $2179 to get this bike with a fully-loaded, extra large Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer.

Ohm Urban XU700 E-Bike
Ohm Urban XU700 E-Bike (Click for more details on this bike)

Pledge $3079 to get this bike with a fully-loaded, extra large Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer.

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