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2012 model Chariot Carriers and all accessories and kits are now 20% off through September 3rd at Bike Kid Shop. 2011 model Chariot Carriers are also still currently 25 – 35% off. Feel more comfortable buying from a company that you know and trust? Get to know them a little better:

Every Chariot Carrier is proudly designed and engineered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are guided by principles such as family togetherness, outdoor activities, health and fitness, balanced lifestyles, environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility and an ongoing commitment to transforming your family outings into unforgettable memories.

Sound like the kind of company you feel good about buying from, being the responsible consumer and parent that you are? Ashley Wong from Thule Child Transport Systems gives us more insight into the company.  BSH: When was Chariot founded?AW: The company was founded by Dan Britton in 1992. Dan is still with the company and is the Director of Innovation.BSH: Can you give us a brief history from the inspiration behind and birth of Chariot to the company it is today with a very strong global presence?AW: Enhancing active lives with innovative child mobility products. Chariot provides safe, innovative, high-quality child transportation products to help active parents maintain and encourage healthy outdoor lifestyles with their children.

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BSH: What is Chariot’s company mission statement and/or philosophy?AW: Enhancing active lives with innovative child mobility products. Chariot provides safe, innovative, high-quality child transportation products to help active parents maintain and encourage healthy outdoor lifestyles with their children.BSH: What do you consider to be Chariot’s biggest competitive advantage within the children’s bike trailer market?AW: Our biggest competitive advantage is that were multi-functional. With a Chariot, parents can do endless activities with their children including strolling, jogging, cycling, hiking or cross-country skiing.BSH: How have your products evolved through the years?AW: Were a brand that continues to innovate and strives to be the best solution for the active family, from newborn to five years of age. Our products are better today than what they were in the beginning because of extensive research, testing and development throughout the years. At its core though, Chariot has always been synonymous with multifunction and weve only worked to improve the technology and safety behind our carriers.
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BSH: What would you say are your company’s top three values?AW: We promise to be built to superior standards, exceed our customers expectations and be the best multi-functional child carrier available. Our top three values would be supporting family togetherness, environmental sustainability and having strong corporate responsibility.BSH: Chariot’s website mentions contributing to charitable organizations and donating products. What is an example (or a few examples) of a program you contribute to?AW: We support many local initiatives as well as some international causes. A few examples of organizations weve supported are: the Breast Cancer foundation, Bike to Work Week, and Prostate Cancer research. Weve also customized a CX for a little girl in England who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.BSH: The website also mentions EcoMobility. What can you tell me about EcoMobility and Chariot’s involvement in the alliance?AW: With EcoMobility, we make it easier and more desirable for our customers to reduce their dependence on motor vehicles. By having a Chariot, theyre more apt to take their children with them by cycling, walking or jogging. As a company, we always try to reduce our environmental impact by limiting the packaging required and using earth-friendly products whenever possible.BSH: What can your customers expect with the Thule Group’s recent acquisition of Chariot Carriers Inc?AW: Our Customer Service was previously centered in Calgary, AB but is now consolidated and working out of Granby, QC.We [also] have a brand new series and product coming out for 2013! The Chinook is our newest product in our Urban series. Fully equipped with stroller features such as pivoting and locking front wheel, one-handed easy fold and reclining seat. Complete with an integrated accessory cross bar, allowing a car seat adapter to be attached.BSH: What is something you would like your customers and potential customers to know about your company?AW: We truly care! We want all of our customers to know that when they purchase a Chariot, its one of the best investments they can make because theyre investing in time spent outdoors together as a family. The quality of our product is far superior to any of the trailers out there as Chariots are built by parents for parents. We understand what their needs are and work to exceed them with our products.
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Chariot is the market leader in North America and many European countries, and is available worldwide. We look forward to discovering their newest innovations in the near future. Our thanks to Ashley Wong. And don’t forget to cash in on the fun and savings!! @ Bike Kid Shop.    

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