Tour de Cluck

Admittedly, the following video has more images of chickens than it does of bikes. But regardless, the video highlights a very cool event called Tour de Cluck. Davis, California, which is well-known for its high ranking as a Bike Friendly Community, is also friendly in other areas of sustainability and community outreach. Tour de Cluck is part of the Davis Farm to School program, which seeks to increase connections between students and the food they eat by providing fresh, local food along with learning opportunities. As part of that program, Tour de Cluck was organized to take people on a bike tour to different chicken coops in the area, and it also included lots of other fun, family-friendly events. Not only is combining bicycles with food a great idea, there are also fantastic shots of adults acting like chickens. Enjoy!Tour de Cluck Music Video – Festival Edition from Alvin Remmers on Vimeo.Via Treehugger.

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