10% off Ortlieb, Tubus, and Racktime. Honestly. Seriously.

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Honestly? Ortlieb.

When customers call us and want an honest, expert opinion about bike bags, what do we recommend the most often? From the bottom of our hearts? Ortlieb.For shopping, touring, commuting — carrying stuff — Ortlieb bags will last you many years, and every single product is useful, tough, and waterproof.

So it’s big deal when we have an Ortlieb sale.Until June 26 all Ortlieb bags are discounted 10%.We carry the entire range of Ortlieb bike bags. Here’s just a few:
Ortlieb Office Bag Large Plus Ortlieb Office Bag Large Plus All the things you would want in an office bag that mounts to your racks.$119.00 $107.10
Ortlieb Pelican Shopping Pannier Ortlieb Pelican Shopping Pannier For a stroll through boutiques or a trip to the grocery store. Comfortable padded shoulder strap.$149.00 $134.10
Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus Increase your Carrying Capacity! Ortlieb’s top-of-the-line touring panniers. Hold 40 liters of gear.$199.00 $179.10
Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus-M Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus-M Keep your gear close. The perfect place to store food, tools, camera, and rain gear while touring.$97.00 $87.30
Ortlieb Packman Pro2 Backpack Ortlieb Packman Pro2 Backpack A versatile waterproof daypack. Head out with confidence. Your pack will stay dry no matter what.$149.00 $134.10
Get Some Honest Value with Ortlieb >>

Seriously? Tubus.

Tubus makes serious racks designed for a variety of cycling styles.We pronounce it “TUBE-us.” We’ve also heard “too-BOOS.”Right now we’re just pronouncing them all 10% off.Tubus Nova Front Rack Tubus Nova Front Rack A sleek low-rider rack with traditional quality. Made from high-quality stainless steel.$161.00 $144.90
Tubus Cargo Evo Rear Rack Tubus Cargo Evo Rear Rack A seriously heavy-duty rear rack. The flagship of Tubus racks. Comes in two sizes.$119.00 $107.10
Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack An ideal rack for extra heel clearance and an improved center of gravity.$127.00 $114.30
Get Serious. Get Tubus Racks >>

Necessarily? Racktime.

Racktime makes stylish racks and bags for urban cyclists and weekend tourists at great prices.And those great price are now…

…you guessed it…

10% off through June 26.

Racktime Qubeit Rack-Top Bag Racktime Qubeit Rack-Top Bag A fun bike bag for your front or rear rack, or to hang on your shoulder.$64.00 $57.60
Racktime Baskit Bike Basket Racktime Baskit Bike
For shopping with a metal bike basket. Convenient and easy-to-use. Looks great too.$46.00 $41.40
Racktime Foldit Rear Rack Racktime Foldit Rear Rack A rack for any size bike — even 20″ folding bikes. Run errands around town or for short bike tours.$35.00 $31.50
Racktime Standit Rear Rack Racktime Standit Rear Rack A lightweight Workhorse. Hauls a lot but won’t weigh you down.$45.00 $40.50
Racktime Addit Rear Rack Racktime Addit Rear Rack A heavy-duty and functional rear rack for hauling loads up to 66 lbs. A lower rail for a low center of gravity.$50.00 $45.00
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