Two-Wheeled Trailer Recommendation for Bike Touring

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We ride a tandem for touring and are looking for a two wheel trailer. We did the TransAm towing a BOB but could never learn to stand with the loaded trailer. We tow our grandchildren in a Burley D’lite and standing is no problem. The choice in two wheel touring trailers seems to be between the Radical Designs Cyclone and the Burley Nomad. Since we can’t find either at a local shop we will have to decide without actually seeing either trailer.
Do you have a preference and if so, why?
The Nomad does not seem as weatherproof but that can be an advantage when you have to pack a wet tent (often happens in the East with the dew). Disadvantage in a rain storm! Is there an additional rain cover for the trailer to improve weatherproofness? The wheels on the Burley seem farther back than the RD. Does this lead to more tongue weight? Good/bad?
We did meet one person with a Radical Designs trailer on the TransAm. He was having trouble with the wheels not staying attached well. Has this been improved on the newer models? Can additional gear be lashed to the RD trailer if you need more space?
Finally, there is a large cost difference. Is this justified by the quality/lifespan of the RD trailer.

Both the Burley Nomad and the Radical Designs Cyclone Trekking Trailer are great trailers for bike touring. Though they do have some distinguishing features.

While the Burley Nomad offers a significant level of protection from rain and wet roads, some moisture can still get in. the front corners and potentially other areas. This does not seem to be an issue as long as you strategically pack things like your tent and water bottles and other things that won’t be bothered by a little moisture in the front of the trailer. Items that have to stay dry like electronic should be put in a waterproof bag.

The Radical Designs does offer better rain protection and short of dragging it through a river, can be relied upon to keep all of your stuff dry.

The difference in the positioning of the wheels is really quite minor. The tongue weight on most two wheel trailers is generally insignificant and it is hard to really make much of a recommendation between the two. For some more thoughts on wheel positioning and toungue weight, see this forum post.

Both trailers offer some advantages and disadvantages. Where the Burley Nomad shines is for use as both a touring and local use trailer. The rigid sides combined with the easy to use cover make it a very convenient trunk for popping around town and grabbing groceries. It even has a rack that can be installed on top for extra capacity.

The Radical Design is really a travel and touring specific trailer. It includes many premium features that make it very convenient to travel with. When not attached to the bicycle, the wheels can be shifted to a rearward position and the hitch arm becomes a handle for conveniently rolling the whole rig around by foot. The Cyclone Trekking Trailer can be checked as luggage by removing and stowing the hitch arm and removing the wheels and stowing them in the optional wheel bag. With these appendages removed, the trailer is indistinguishable from a large duffel bag and can handle the rigors of the airline baggage system. For more time on foot while traveling there is even a backpack system or a walking towbar system.

For a value minded, touring and around town trailer we would recommend the Burley Nomad. If price is not an issue and the best product for a touring and travel focus are the intention, go with the Radical Designs Cyclone Trekking Trailer.

Burley Nomad Bike Cargo TrailerRadical Design Cyclone IV Trekking Trailer

When it comes to bike trailers, what are the differences between these other than price:

Cyclone IV Chubby Trailer $568.99


Burley Nomad $349.99

I’m trying to decide between the two for my Brompton folding bike. I expect to go hiking, camping, trips to grocery store, etc

There are a few differences between these two trailers. The Cyclone IV Chubby is designed so that you can fit a Brompton inside the trailer. This is good for storage and for traveling. The Cyclone IV can also be pulled while walking (hiking) with the Walking Towbar or used as a backpack with the carry system accessories.

The Nomad does not offer the same bells and whistles as the Cyclone IV but costs quite a bit less and is still a great trailer, especially for groceries and gear hauling.

Here is another forum topic that touches on using the Chubby for travel

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I’m looking for a bike trailer suitable to tow behind my road cycling bike (ocr giant carbon fibre) the whole way around Australia (15,000 kms) I need something that can hold my luggage and also an acoustic guitar (I am a musician looking to play my music at every pub along the way . Half proceeds to charity )
What Trailer would you recommend ?

I would consider using the Burley Nomad trailer. This trailer should have enough room for the cargo you want to carry. It even has an option for a rack that you can mount onto the top. This rack would be a good place for the guitar.
I would definitely stick to two wheel trailers for this bike since a single wheel trailer could twist the carbon frame in ways it was not designed to handle.


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