Learning to Use Bike Sharing Systems

The City of London has done a fantastic job of explaining and advertising the Barclay’s Cycle Hire, which is their local bike sharing system, with this informational video. The video is entirely animated, which gives it an appealing, fun air, and is produced by Transport for London. This is a very useful technique, because as Streetfilms points out, getting familiar with a bike sharing system may involve some degree of learning curve, so this is a helpful way to jump-start that process. New York City is soon to get a new bike sharing system called Citi Bike, and as this article by David Byrne in the New York Times suggests, it may very well help to reshape the way New Yorkers travel and experience their city. Undoubtedly, this will take some time as people learn to rethink they way they travel and learn to incorporate the bicycle.

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