Tips for Riding a Front Loader Cargo Bike

I consider myself to be quite a good cyclist, but the first time I had the opportunity to ride a front loading cargo bike, I was somewhat surprised that, well, I couldn’t ride the bike. At least not immediately. I had run into Mike from Tucson Velo at a cycling event in Tucson, and he was out on his new CETMA cargo bike. He let me try riding the front loading bike without weight, and I was completely befuddled! I got the bike to move forward, slowly, but steering sure was a challenge. Anyhow, this post via TransPortland has an interesting video about a cargo bike business and some good tips on riding a front loader. Apparently one needs about half a day to begin to master the front loader. The main tip – look to the horizon, not at the front wheel! I’ll have to try that next time. Enjoy!

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