Humorous PSA's

There are plenty of gruesome, unpleasant public service announcements (PSA) online that warn against reckless driving. There have been various attempts to scare people into behaving behind the wheel through some rather scary, graphic videos, which may or may not actually be effective. And then, there is the other approach. These two PSA’s take a humorous approach to dealing with an important topic: reckless driving can be dangerous and there’s really no good reason for it.The first video via Copenhagenize is an attempt to show that reckless driving is often due to something rather trivial, but that an accident may not be so trivial for those injured.The second video via Elly Blue shows a reckless driver tormenting cyclists, and when he almost doors his own daughter on a bike, he realizes that people on bikes could be his family or friends. What do you think of these PSA’s versus others you have seen?

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