Thomas' BOB Modified for his Scooter – Against Our Advice

Even though we don’t recommend, support or condone the use of BOB trailers, or any other bike cargo trailers, on any motorized vehicles other than electric bicycles that are regulated the same as standard bicycles, I have to say that this setup sure does look sweet.   Given the number of questions that we’ve gotten about bike cargo trailers for scooters and motorcycles, we wrote a post about this topic a few years back.

Notes from Thomas:
No one makes a cool scooter trailer, So I made my own. I bought a BOB trailer and modified it. 55mph down the highway is no problem. I have been using it almost daily for two years with no issues.   The BOB folks were less than amused. I was expecting a “Hey, that’s awesome”! from them but instead got a robot lawyer disclaimer stating that they weren’t responsible if I ended up over the side of a cliff or something.

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