Eric Cantor's Thoughts While Biking

House Majority Eric Cantor (R-VA), has been a leading opponent of funding for cycling programs in the Federal Transportation Bill.

Of more than $50 billion that US Congress will authorize for transportation (maybe someday), Cantor would prefer to see it all go to real transportation projects — interstate highways, roads, bridges, etc. for motorized vehicles. Not a single Federal penny for supporting bike commuting, storage facilities, bike lanes, or bike sharing.

Was Eric Cantor Forced to Ride This Bike? | Streetsblog Capitol Hill
Screen Shot: Streetsblog Capitol Hill

The new Transportation Bill has been in limbo over mostly Republican objections to bike and pedestrian projects like this.

So it was notable when Cantor was seen in a staged bike ride on 60 Minutes.

Streetsblog Capitol Hill noticed, and responded with this editorial, suggesting that Cantor was “forced” to ride a bike.

Eric Cantor, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that 60 Minutes forced you to pose for this shot.

Because, Mr. Majority Leader, it seems a little hypocritical that a person who has worked so hard to keep others from biking would enjoy it himself.

I could have posted this here right away, but I needed time to make a silly video presenting Cantor’s thoughts as he cycled for the cameras.

Sorry I can’t do a better Cantor impersonation.

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