Ted Johnson (me) on The Outspoken Cyclist

I was interviewed on The Outspoken Cyclist last week, and the interview went live over the weekend.

Ted on the Outspoken CyclistFeeling obliged to be likewise outspoken as a guest, I asked Diane Lees permission in advance if I can say ass on her show. That’s just the kind of rebel I am.

I received her permission (by way of the FCC). This opened the possibility to say one of my favorite stock phrases about living car-free. You’ll have to listen to hear it. (How’s that for building the supense?)

While trying to sound smart, I also copped to quoting directly from Tom Bowden’s, “How to Talk about Cycling to a Conservative.”

Also interviewed in the show is Rodney Hendrickson, the ride director of The Redbud Ride in London, Kentucky.

Diane has previously interviewed Josh Lipton, publisher of Commute by Bike, and Melanie Meyers-Colavito, a contributor and editor of our sibling blog, Utility Cycling.

Here’s my interview:

How did I do?

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