On-Street Bike Parking in NYC

The impetus for the first on-street bike parking in NYC isn’t necessarily bike-inspired, but it is bike-beneficial. There was a notorious intersection in the city where cars kept crashing into each other (and according to the images in the video below from Streetfilms, flipping over), because the drivers couldn’t see around the corner. The solution: get rid of the car parking spot on the corner and replace it with a bike corral. Now, as many of you know, bike parking can be problematic where there aren’t designated bike parking spots available, so this was clearly an added bonus for cyclists in the area. Plus, hopefully drivers at that intersection will stop running into each other. Anyhow, hopefully this leads to the expansion of more bike corrals in NYC. After all, one bike parking spot can hold 20 some odd bikes! How’s that for space efficiency!Making Streets Safer With On-Street Bike Parking from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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