Brian's Nashbar/BOB Love Child

As a purveyor of BOB Trailers, we’ve often looked in disdain at Nashbar’s knockoff single-wheel trailer offering at about half the price.   We’ve also spoken and heard about quite a few Nashbar trailer customers that have not been happy with the performance.   There must be a few happy customers our there, but we’ve never heard from them.

Brian had the most novel approach to the issues he had with his trailer my modyfying and rebuilding into something unique.   We’re excited to see how Brian’s trailer continue to evolve.   By the way, we’re running low on interesting bike trailer photos here in the winter months.   If you have anything of note on a hard drive, please send them on in.

In Brian’s word’s:

This was a Nashbar trailer that the fork failed on.   My main use for this trailer will be for trail work/maintenance a few miles from my house and running errands so this will be a project in work for awhile.   The rear rack carries a rack bag most times and my plans are to add a dynamo tire driven light system with battery storage.The fork came from the trailer shop and if I add rear suspension I will probably use the Ibex shock.   Thanks for looking and when I get it finished and painted I will send another picture.



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