20% off Chrome on a Small Business Saturday

You may or may not have heard of Small Business Saturday. Today is a great day to support small, local businesses.While we are not local to most of our customers, we can certainly qualify for your patronage today as a small business with a focus on community. And as of this May, we also do have a showroom and have been excited to welcome plenty more local customers into our Downtown Flagstaff location. Our community of bike touring and commuting enthusiasts is linked together by online tools through our blogs, here and over at CommuteByBike.com and UtilityCycling.org, our Facebook page and our forums.

I would like to highlight how our niche approach to cycling accessories has been an incredible way for us to become true experts at the groups of products that we work with and to share this knowledge with our great group of customers. Our daily interactions with all aspects of our very specialized product ranges, bike trailers, bike bags and racks, family cycling accessories and most recently bike lights and electric bikes has given us an incredible opportunity to really get to know and love these products. Customer interaction has been a critical aspect of this focused product knowledge as our customers always have the hard and specific questions for us to figure out. We relish the opportunity to answer the toughest product questions because it expands our knowledge base, so bring on those tough questions.To wrap up this post, we have some incredible deals that we have running during the Black Friday through Cyber Monday 4 days of shopping frenzy. All Chrome Bags are all 20% Off thu Monday the 28th!When it comes to the collision of function and style in a wearable cycling bag, Chrome is the standard. Their solid designs are built for long term use. Feature full of their bags are designed with daily utility in mind. Chrome offers a lineup of Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Utility Bags, Laptop Bags and for when the loads get large, their Pro Series.So support your small, local business today. When I say small, I mean expert and focused and when I say local, I mean local to your interests and perspectives, be it the shop around the corner or www.CampfireCycling.com. 

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