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For most of the U.S. (and I say most, because here in Arizona, we prefer to be different), the Daylight Savings time switch has darkened many a bike commute. In the fall, when the time switch occurs, there is one hour less of daylight in the afternoon, which means a much darker bike commute. Fortunately, the folks at Campfire Cycling, which is the mothership from which Utility Cycling originates, had the grand opening of their fourth specialty cycling accessory shop on Monday. With that, I’d like to introduce you to! So if you need some new lights to brighten your daily commute, head on over and visit the techies at Bike Tech Shop. And now’s the time to act, as all new bike lights are on sale at 10% off thru November 22nd.

The Story Behind Bike Tech Shop

Bike Tech Shop is the fourth shop in the Campfire Cycling lineup, which also includes Bike Trailer Shop, Bike Bag Shop, and Bike Kid Shop. Each of the different shops focuses on one important cycling niche, with an emphasis on transportation and utility cycling, as well as bike touring. By breaking the shops up into different places, it allows the Campfire Cycling crew to really focus and specialized in each niche in order to provide the best information possible to bike commuters, utility cyclists, and touring cyclists alike.

With bike trailers, bags, and family cycling products covered, a natural category to focus on next was all things electronic. Bike Tech Shop is dedicated to all things “cycling with circuitry”, and they aren’t just about bike lights either, as there are many electric bikes, electric bike kits, and GPS systems to check out, as well. Since it is often difficult to find really solid information online about techy bike parts, as well as compare the offerings from different manufacturers, Bike Tech Shop will strive to be a one-stop shop for all the detailed, expert knowledge you are looking for when you need a new techy product for your bike.

Electric Bikes & E-Bike Kits

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are definitely gaining momentum as a great way to get into bike commuting for many people. The real secret of an e-bike, is that you can get all of the benefits you can from a regular bike (ie. health, savings, fun, etc.), but when you need it, you can get that little electric assist, as well. The electric assist can be particularly useful if you have a long commute, a nasty hill to climb or headwind to conquer, or large load of groceries to haul. Don’t worry, you are still doing yourself and others a lot of favors by riding an e-bike, and maybe you’ll be even more inclined to ditch the car in favor of the bike more often if you know that extra assist is there if you need it.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full e-bike just yet, there are a number of electric bike kits available so that you can convert a regular bike into an e-bike. There are even electric powered bike trailers available if you want an electric assist option you can leave at home on the days you are feeling more ambitious.

GPS Systems

For the map geeks out there, of which I am wholeheartly one, Bike Tech Shop offers a great selection of GPS Systems for helping your find your way and/or making cool bike maps of the places you ride. For the ambitious long distance utility cyclist, or just your adventurous side, there are also location broadcast GPS systems available, so your friends and family can keep track of you while you are out riding.

Bike Lights

Even if you aren’t hopping on the high-tech bike gear wave, Bike Tech Shop still has gear for you. Bike lights are absolutely essential, and in many places required by law, as they help you see in the dark and be seen in the dark. Not to mention, they are on sale for 10% off until November 22 at Bike Tech Shop, and they make great stocking stuffers and gifts.

So please feel free to check out Bike Tech Shop, as the Campfire Cycling crew is working hard to provide you with detailed, expert information there, as they do with all their shops. Thanks for reading and happy techy riding!


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