Fall Inventory Reduction Sale

We launched a new sale last weekend promoting overstocked products that we’re looking to reduce inventory on. We’ve targeted a specific number of products often a specific model or color, to sell to bring our inventory levels down to where we want them during the winter months. The numbers available for each deal are displayed on the product page.Because this offer is not a manufacturer supported sale, but rather targeting a reduction of select overstocked areas of our inventory (See Ted’s CommuteByBike.com post for more on the nuances of these deals), we are not displaying the reduced price on the website. To find out the price, click on the “inventory price reduction” box and fill out the email form. The price will then be automatically emailed to you. If you are interested in proceeding with an order. Just give us a call at 1-800-717-2596.

Screenshot of Inventory Reduction for Chariot Cabriolet
We’re offering inventory reductions at all of our 4 specialty shops. Click on the following links for the inventory reductions at each of our shops:BikeTrailerShop.com’s Inventory Reductions BikeBagShop.com’s Inventory Reductions BikeKidShop.com’s Inventory Reductions BikeTechShop.com’s Inventory ReductionsThe sale had just gone live so the most deals are available now, but with Christmas around the corner these limited deals are bound to go fast.

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