Early Fall's Flagstaff Bike Commuters for Inspiration

Its been a tough summer and fall as I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the finances of our business here at www.CampfireCycling.com. As I scramble to make ends meet and make some tough choices to get our business plans in line with reality, I’m very glad that I’m doing this for a business that I believe in. Everyday I’m inspired and excited to be working for cyclists trying to do more with their bicycles. I don’t think I could sustain the same stamina if I was trying to repair a business with a primary motivation of accumulating wealth.While money is a necessary elixir to solve our current financial issues, the accumulation of wealth is not a driving component of what makes this business work unlike many business models. Our financial equation is much more about finding a balance. I believe that this part of our business plan equation is an essential piece of what has allowed this business to grow rapidly over the past 5 years.It is difficult to know whether growing a business rapidly and collecting debt is the right direction when you are in the middle of the experiment. I’ll need time to know how our rapid growth while building up debt will play out for the long term. But even if our moves forward were off the mark, because wealth accumulation was not the driving force, I’m confident that we are fully capable of handling the issues in our current lack of financial balance. We’ve pushed our growth to the limit and now we are in the tough process of rebalancing. And with our customers motivating us, we are finding our footing and moving forward with steadiness and a new understanding of how to maintain our financial equilibrium.

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