Convenience in Copenhagen

The folks at Copenhagen Consulting are looking to make cycling a tad bit more convenient for cyclists in Copenhagen with two simple, but very convenient and functional ideas. The first is a handlebar for holding onto poles when waiting for a red light, while the other is a cyclist-level trash can for ditching your empty to-go cup or other trash while you are riding. I personally love the first idea quite a bit, as I love holding onto something stable when I’m stopped without having to put a foot down…and you can’t beat the name: “love handles”. I don’t carry a lot of trash while I ride, but I could see the other idea being useful at the right times, as well. Check out these two simple, fun, and functional ideas in the video below. Enjoy! Via Copenhagenize.

Copenhagenizing Copenhagen from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.

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