Stephen's Big Time Fun Bike Trailer

Stephen sent in these great photos of his bike trailer solution. This is a bike trailer designed for big loads and big time fun with the kids. With kids riding along, a trailer like this is only safe for slow, casual, smooth rides through the park or other low or traffic-less areas. But with all of the open space it looks like the kids really enjoy using their imagination in how they set it up.

An interesting aspect of Stephen’s design is the integration of the BOB Trailer fork into the trailer. Because the BOB trailer is designed for single-wheel bike trailers, the fork only allows for side-to-side and up-and-down rotation of the bike trailer. A two-wheel trailer also requires the ability for the bike to rotate side-to-side in relation to the trailer. With a single wheeler, this rotation would not work as the trailer would flop over this. Stephen was able to achieve both this side-to-side and pivoting rotation in his fitting between the BOB fork and his trailer (See picture immediately below).

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