No Bikes Allowed — and Thank Goodness

For the next several days, I’ll be away from the Internet, and in a place where bikes are not allowed.

I’ll be backpacking in the Grand Canyon, on foot, from the North Rim to the South Rim.

Grand Canyon Bike Sign
Image: Minette Layne (flickr)

Bikes are allowed at the Grand Canyon, but only up on the rim and on roads. Below the rim, and on trails: Sorry. No Bikes.

Just in case anyone might have thought that I wanted the wilderness to be an open playground for all kinds of bikes, let me say that I’m happy that bikes are prohibited where I’m going. Now if they can just do something about those nasty mules.

See? I can be a purist too.

For those keeping score, this will be my second non-cycling getaway this summer.

See you next week.

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