Bike Trailer Rally

While September and October are the end of the prime cycling season here in Flagstaff, it is the start of the cycling season in the deserts of our southern Arizona neighbors. Some Campfire Cycling blog readers sent in these great photos of their bike trailer rally. It looks like they were having a great time on their family bicycle camping trip. And were always excited to see families having fun with gear that is available from all 3 of our shops:, and

Words from the photographer:

A buddy and I like to take our kids camping (8 total between us) in the Southern Arizona desert. We go by bicycle. I don’t know if you can make it out, but I have a BOB trailer hitched to my bike, with a bike child trailer hitched behind the BOB. He has a Trail-A-Bike behind his bike, with a kid trailer hitched behind that. You probably can’t publish this photo, as it really qualifies of abuse to all components involved, but this is what we do to share what we love doing with our kids. The kids range in age from 13-2 years, and all enjoy our trips equally.I have a Salsa Fargo, with Surly Nice Racks, and the bike is loaded as well. We have to load our bikes up, because the kids can’t pull their own weight yet, except for my 13-year old. He pulls a BOB trailer too.

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