The Interbike – Industry Fashion Show vs. Cycling Function

I’ve been at Interbike over the last two days joining Ted as lesser royalty. Despite enjoying the spectacle and being excited to see new developments with manufacturers that we currently work with and hope to soon be working with, I can’t help but feel an overall sense of throw-up-in-my-mouth about the overall energy, focus and direction that is the sheen that Interbike casts over the US Cycling Industry.

I should augment this statement in that I am encouraged that the better parts (functionally focused improvements) of the cycling industry have been growing at a decent pace in recent years and that there has been some marginal representation of this at Interbike.

Interbike is primarily a fashion show, a venue for manufacturers to show off the latest fashions to retail cycling buyers. Functional improvements are not the focus.

So to cleanse my palate and get my head back on straight (and perhaps my occasional reader out there who has been similarly set off balance by the overly enthusiastic collision of fashion trends and cycling that drives the US cycling industry), I’m posting this image of the most down to earth use of a bike trailer that I can imagine, running a delivery business. Everyone Wants Something and if you are in Carlisle, PA, you can have that something delivered by bike cargo trailer.

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