Ohm in Front of the New Bike Rack

A happy customer, Jodi Griffith, ready to ride with her new Ohm XS 750 Electric Bike poised in front of our new bike rack. Jodi went for the Ohm XS 750 as it does well both on the road and for light trail and dirt road use. She plans on riding it to to trailheads that are within 10 miles or so and use it for many, many errands and quick lunch trips.An update from Jodi on her experiances so far:

Enjoying the Ohm as much as possible—tho my job has turned especially manic for a while, so I haven’t used the bike for much recreational riding.I did ride it from Fort Valley Road up to the Brookbank trailhead last weekend, locked it up and went for a hike. Sold my car the day before, so was happy this scheme with an ebike will help me get to trailheads and still have some energy left for hiking. The generative braking coming downhill from Brookbank was really cool—just like putting a car in low gear and letting the engine slow it down. That ride drew down the battery to slightly less than half, but it regained some charge on the downhill.Thursday I rode the Ohm from the Museum of Northern Arizona to the Bashas Fort Valley shopping center to get lunch. Wow that was quick and convenient. The increased speed and weight tho gave me reason to pause and really check the road ahead, especially intersections, to make sure I won’t smack into trouble. On Saturday I rode from MNA again down to Jotini’s for lunch. The battery level is about at one third of a full charge now. I could easily go for another lunch ride before charging the battery for the first time. Pretty amazing.

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