Adult Bike Trailer for 89 y.o. Mother in Law

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I have an 89 y.o. mother in law who cannot ride on a traditional or tandem bicycle. I would like to enable her to enjoy some outdoor time along our extensive bike trails. I am looking to learn if there are bicycle trailers similar to those for children for adults. She weighs in at about 120 lbs. I presently usually ride a Surly Pugsley which is a robust frame which weighs in (with liquids) at approx 50 lbs. We would be traveling mostly on level to slightly rolling terrain asphalt bike paths. Although I would prefer to ride alone it’s important to provide my mother in law some outside time and it will also perhaps increase my fitness and longevity. (Because if I don’t do this my life is in serious peril from my wife!).

There are a few solutions to consider. The company Wike makes an adult sized bike trailer. Another way to go would be to get some form of pedicab. There are trailers versions out there that you could connect to your Surley Pugsley or you could go with a dedicated pedicab. Another direction to consider is installing an Xtracycle on your bike. Together with the Footsies and Stoker Bar, this is a great way to bring adult passengers on a bike ride.

Finally, with all of these solutions for transporting an adult passenger, it may be worth considering outfitting your bike with an electric assist kit or switching to an electric bike.

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I have a son who cannot sit up or hold his head up without support and I want to find a trailer so we can take him with us when we head out on our bikes. We are casual bikers and thus can’t justify a Hase Trets with the supportive seating as I have seen in their literature. This system is the best I have found on line. Is there anything out there similar in design but a bit more reasonably priced?.

I have come across some other recumbent trikes that were utilized as bike trailers, however my guess is that these are also quite expensive. If your son is at the age where he can fit in a standard bike child trailer, perhaps something can be rigged up to support his head. I was thinking of something like a larger version of the Chariot Baby Supporter which does a very nice job of supporting babies heads, though it does not work well in combination with bike helmets.

If your son is older, perhaps something like the Wike Adult trailer mentioned previously in this post with a custom head support would be possible.

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My son Tristyn has a mobility pram, (due to having gobal cerepal paslsy) in which I would like to create a push bike trailer to attach to the back of my bike and pedal along with him. So when we get to the other end he still is in a supportive device that helps him sit upright.
The problem I believe i will be facing with my idea is that the pram is top heavy and when getting the pram onto the made trailer i believe it would be a two person job to attach it as the pram is rolled up onto the trailer.
Can this idea become reality or would be easier to modify the ?normal child? push bike trailer that attaches to my bike already? I have been granted $400 for this project.
or can you please point me in a direction where i might get this achieved or gain more information.

Designing a trailer that can safely transport a wheelchair and allow the passenger to pedal all within a $400 budget sounds like an impossible project.

The only option for a pedal trailer that I know of for adults is the Hans Trets Trailer. We”ve discussed several larger trailers above, and I would add this Tony’s Trailer to the list.

Tony’s Trailers

this site show working trailer that carries a wheelchair locked into position for transport, with ramp so WC can be easily offloaded and used off the bike.

Good luck.


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