Bob's BOB Trailer in Cuba

With our BOB Sale continuing on for another week and a half, we’ll be continuing to post interesting photos of BOB Trailer form around the world. How about this photo of one in Cuba…

In Bob’s words:
“Not a unique picture, but perhaps a unique location. It was taken on the side of the road between Camegay and Las Tunas in Cuba. Not many BOBs are seen in Cuba because citizens from the so-called “Land of the Free” are forbidden from travelling there and spending money there.

Camegay is the third largest centre in Cuba, after Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Las Tunas was the centre for the Cuban national fencing team in the 1970’s. They were traveling home from an international competition in Venezuela. Enroute, the aeroplane stopped in Barbados. Shortly after take off from Barbados, the US government through the CIA blew the aeroplane up, killing all on board.

In the photo you can see the yellow bag. Also there is a “Sac Millet” and a water bag. On top of that is my helmet. It was resting there during a rest break and when I took the photo. There is also a German made brief case adaptable for bikes that I used to carry documents, passport, books and a lap-top. There are three water bottles on the bike.

My only fear was dehydration as the temperatures were warm, and it was dry. The temperatures were constantly in the low 30’s (remember that the world other than the USA uses the Celsius scale – I do not know the US system) during most of the day.”

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