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EDITORS Note: Megan wrote this post about a year and a half ago when we were launching It got missed and buried in our drafts, so I figured why not resurrect it. Enjoy…The bike community has expanded greatly in the states over the last 20 years with heightened awareness of environmental issues. Wandertec was inspired with this utilitarian idea in mind, and has been geared to make integrating biking into your lifestyle easy and affordable since 2006. Starting out with the Bike Trailer Shop, we were able to bring a new element to bike touring and bike commuting. We included bike panniers and bike racks as well, but decided that they needed their own spotlight, and launched the Bike Bag Shop in 2008. The popularity of the bike child trailers grew with the multi-use features and increased comfort options available from the high end brands we carry. Thus, the Bike Kid Shop was born.Being a biking mom myself, I was very excited to be a part of making the Bike Kid Shop happen. It was really liberating to be able to turn to my trailer for exercise once I had my little girl. She’s not old enough to bike with yet, but I am able to jog, stroll and ski with her thanks to the variety of conversion kits we carry. Products like the Baby Supporter and Infant Sling in conjunction with the 5 point harnesses included in all our trailers, really help to make me feel comfortable that my baby is safe and secured. She also seems pretty comfortable considering she falls asleep every time we jog the trails or go down town.The Kid Shop offers high quality brands like Chariot Carriers, Burley Trailers, and Croozer Trailers which all have multiple conversion options. Burley offers the classic line up of trailers which have been updated and the features fine tuned for a quality child transport machine. It is always the old, reliable Burley trailers you see cruising on the bike path which were hand-me-downs many times over. Burley has made long-lasting trailers for many years, and really lives up to the burliness of the name.Croozer also has great trailers, but with a one stop shop mentality. These trailers include the strolling, jogging, and cycling kits all in one for the active mom with a multiple transport transition lifestyle. These trailers are a little heavier due to the fact they have a steel frame instead of aluminum, but this adds rigidity and strength which can withstand the daily abuse of rambunctious toddlers.Then there is the elite Chariot brand. The base model Chariot Cheetah has all the comfort and quality, but without all the bells and whistles. If you do want bells and whistles, and beyond, the Chariot CX is the most plush trailer we have. With leaf spring suspension, drum brakes, and fleece lining, your children will be stylin’ and profilin’! We also carry multiple accessories like the Stridelite Kit for better visibility, the Hydration Cages for quick beverage access, and a handlebar bag that doubles as a backpack. A Conversion Kit is also available for the Chariot Cabriolet and Corsaire XL which will transform your child trailer into a cargo trailer for you to use once your children have grown out of it.With all of the choices Bike Kid Shop offers, it can be difficult to decide which trailer is best. Luckily, the crew at Bike Kid Shop is very knowledgeable in all of the products, and is helpful at pinpointing a good fit. I know that my trailer allows me to share my interests with my whole family, and weekends in the summertime are reserved for exploring the great outdoors. Additional products like Bike Child Seats, Helmets, and Bike Horns are coming soon to help encourage the next step in biking evolution. From trailers, to seats, to trikes, to bikes. Instilling good biking habits in the beginning years creates generations of conscientious bikers. We want your feedback on products you think should accompany our current line up. Pictures of your family enjoying trailers are also welcome, which we would put up on our site to inspire other active families. The right site for biking tykes, the Bike Kid Shop.

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