Californians: A Call to Action

Share the Road
Photo: Streetsblog Los Angeles

Californians, it is time to act. The California Bicycle Coalition and the City of Los Angeles have cosponsored a 3-foot passing bill, Senate Bill 910. Many other states have already passed similar legislation that requires automobile operators to allow a minimum of three feet when passing a cyclist from behind, and California is working to do the same. According to the CBC,

SB 910 faces a crucial vote by the full Assembly in the next few weeks – it’s one of the last votes needed for passing the bill and sending it to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature.

I’m writing to ask you to urge your Assembly member to vote yes on SB 910 by 5 PM this Friday, Aug. 26. Maybe you’ve already contacted a legislator about SB 910 — we need another round of support messages for members of the Assembly. This what it takes to get legislation enacted!

The California Bicycle Coaltion’s goal is to encourage people to ride bikes by passing legislation that protects cyclists as they share the road. Delaware became the nineteenth state to pass a 3-foot passing bill this summer, and California hopes to be the twentieth. To find out what you can do to support the 3-foot passing bill, visit the CBC website’s safe passing page.

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