Why don't you tell me 'bout the mystery rack?

This custom rack was made by Stuart Henderson, Campfire Cycling‘s resident metal fabricator, artist, and renaissance man.

It is designed to carry a very specific object. Can you guess what that object is?

The first person who guesses correctly wins a Commute by Bike t-shirt. Leave your guesses in the comments.

Stu's Mystery Rack Stu's Mystery Rack

Hint 1: The object is something a bike commuter might carry daily to work. (Why else build a specific rack for it?)

Hint 2: This object is most closely associated with a nation where English is not an official language, and bike commuting and utility cycling have been mainstream for decades. (Inexplicably, this rack design does not seem to be mass produced in this country.)

Bonus: Anyone who can say what I am referencing in the title of this blog post will win, uh, nothing but the satisfaction of making me smile. But, don’t be thrown by that reference in the title. It won’t help you guess the purpose of the rack.

Friends, relatives, and other Campfire Cycling insiders… No, you’re not eligible. Get back to work.

And the winner is…


It’s for a bento box.

Stu's Bento Box Rack

By the way: If you’d like one of these racks for your bike, Stu could make you one for your bike if the price is right. Reach me through the contact form.

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