Burley Child, Cargo, & Dog Trailers Sale!

ALLBurleyTrailersare 10% off through August 2nd – Extended to August 15th!

Bike Child Trailers

BurleyChild Trailersare a great way for the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors together.TheBurleyEncoreis an entry-level, two-child trailer which is compatible with both theStroller Kitand the Jogger Kit, making expanding your family activities a quick and easy transition. The large, enclosed storage compartment also makes running errands fun and convenient for multitasking parents on the go.$399.00$375.

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BurleyCargo Trailers

BurleyCargo Trailersare multipurpose trailers, made to go wherever you go, and do whatever you do. Great for commuting, touring, and off-trail camping,Burley offers heavy-duty support in a lightweight packageTheTravoyis a great option for any cyclist whose landscape contains elevators, commuter trains, taxis, and bodegas.With accessories, the Urban Trailer System is not just your bike trailer; it’s your shopping cart, your messenger bag, and your briefcase.$289$259.

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And for the Dog…

TheBurleyTail Wagonis not only a great trailer for carrying dogs, but also works well as a cargo trailer for carrying larger items in an enclosed area. There are severalaccessoriesthat make this trailer even more versatile.$399$359.

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