BOB Trailers at the Muscle Beach

What other kind of vacation would inspire a skinny guy like this to flex his muscles in the psuedo, macho revelry of the joy of freedom and accomplishment? Making it anywhere under your own power is always something to be satisfied by in my book. And from the look on our friends face, I’m guessing he lives a long way from the ocean. A good bike and a loaded BOB Trailer are the essential ingredients to a vacation of mind body and soul.I won’t be doing any big bike tours this summer or fall as I normally try to do as my wife is now 6 months pregnant. Next year though, I look forward to possibly taking our daughter on her first bike tour by the fall.

Our specialty site, has become a popular source for bike child trailers and trailer-cycles, but we haven’t really seen great success with the other child related cycling products that we carry such as balance bikes and bike child seats. I think in some sense the market is a bit over saturated with products in these categories. I also think that while we have done a great job in reaching out to bike commuters, bike tourists and utility cyclists through our blogs and and we need to do a better job at reaching out to parents and kids.

I feel that a combination of deepening our product lineup, targeted market outreach and more parent and kid friendly graphic at will help this. But it will definitely take some time and effort to figure out. What I’m really expecting is that having a child of my own might will inspire me in this direction. Using the products will get me focused on them. To sum it up, is ready for our baby muse to arrive!

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