Here Come the Bike Lights!

Next up on the agenda for Campfire Cycling is finding the best brands of bike lights to offer up at the new specialty shop that we’ve got under development There is an amazing variety of high quality cycling lights these days and we’re getting quite excited to wrap our brains around all the options available. As with our other specialty shops, we will be focusing on a broad range of brands and generally carrying the full line-up of products available as well as a full assortment of replacement parts and accessories.

Josh Irvine showing off his Light In Motion helmet lights

Bike lights will just be one component of the This does seem like a great place to start out our focus with the Fall coming in a few months and that being a popular time of year for bike commuters to stock up on lights as the days grow short. We also will be continuing our push into electric bikes, most likely offering both electric bike and electric bike kits. Other avenues we’ll be pursuing are cycling computers, gps and other mapping and route related devises, and video and photo equipment specific for bikes.

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