Peace, Love, and Tour Potatoes

This morning I swung by KickStand Kafé all in the name of testing a newly-mounted bottle cage on my Dahon for its compatibility with my commuter coffee mug. While there, I found a deeper purpose to my commute.

The building occupied by KickStand used to be a bike/ski shop, and the owners very shrewdly have themed the business to accommodate the clientele of the previous occupant.

On a big-ass TV they are showing the Tour de France every morning. As I stood there assessing the situation, one of the Tour watchers on the couch began speaking to me as if I had a clue. I was, after all, still wearing my bike helmet and looking at the TV.

Tour Potatoes at Kickstand Cafe
That's Gerret on the left and me on the right.

So I took this opportunity to try and catch a contact high from a fan of the Tour–and share a little brotherly love among cyclists before heading in to work.

I asked the other Tour watcher to take a photo as evidence that I, Ted Johnson, am not the Tour-hating curmudgeon that you might think I am from a couple of recent posts.

My new pal’s name is Gerret. He told me that he’s rooting for Cadel Evans. He also told me that this year the Tour has had lots of crashes. That’s two things I didn’t know before this morning.

My first thought is that maybe those crashes would be good for the sport in a NASCAR sort of way. And then I wondered if there had been a rule change that somehow encouraged crashes. Like when the NBA instituted the five-second rule to make games more exciting–which worked, but also created an incentive for more fights among players. I think.

Metric Motion
Gerret's Business Card

(Look at me talking about sports!, I shout, standing outside the gates of the American Male Club. From inside the gate comes the response, Yes, but you’re talking out your butt.)

Gerret, I learn, has a business restoring classic cruiser bikes, “for Work or Play Everyday.” Which makes him potentially awesome. This man is not just a Tour potato. I’ll give Gerret the benefit of the doubt, and assume he’s at least half good at what he does. He is awesome.

So, returning to the original purpose, the bottle cage worked just fine. Which turned out to be my least interesting discovery this morning.

Go Cadel!, (he says unconvincingly).

And in case you’re interested…

Bottle Cage on a Dahon Handlebar Stem
This is where I mounted the bottle cage
Bottle Cage on a Dahon Handlebar Stem
I used a Dremel to cut a slit in the side of the cage, a section of inner tube to hold it still, and a hose clamp to lock it down.
Bottle Cage on a Dahon Handlebar Stem
With careful positioning, the bottle is within reach, and the bike still folds
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