While visiting a local pizza joint for lunch, I was waiting for my two slices, and having to choose from among 15 televisions at which I could stare.

On the right, I found myself watching this whole other kind of cycling. My head is so deep in the commuting and utility cycling world, I sometimes forget that there are other uses for a bicycle.

A different slice of cycling

It got me thinking about how unexciting bike commuting is. Made me a little jealous, to be honest.

I mean, we overcome a lot of obstacles by bike commuting–first and foremost, laziness. Where’s our cable show?

I decided to make commuting exciting to watch. Yesterday I had an appointment with my eye doctor about an infection that was making my vision a little cloudy on one side.

Hang onto your handlebars.

I’m waiting for the energy drink endorsement offers to start rolling in.

Readers Digest Large Print EditionLike the pizza restaurant, the eye doctor’s office had a television to keep the patients patient–except it was an infomercial for Lasik surgery running on a loop.

I put on my extreme reading glasses (3.25 power), reached for the Readers Digest Large Print Edition, and looked for anything at all that might hold my interest.

And what do you know! In the “@Work in the News!” section there was story relevant to cycling! I couldn’t wait to share it with our readers.

When I got to work, extremely late, I Googled the story and discovered that the bike blogosphere already had it’s yuks about it six years ago.

I was extremely disappointed!

Here it is anyway:

Readers Digest Cycling Story
Readers Digest's EXTREME six year lag!

Don’t think that I won’t do this again.

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