2011 Bike to Breakfast Video

When you think of Arizona, you probably think of deserts. Maybe you think of suburban sprawl baking in a cultural wasteland. Maybe you think of conservative patriots or conservative nutjobs, depending on your perspective.

You probably don’t think of icy rain in the middle of May. You probably wouldn’t think of hundreds of bike commuters who would take it in stride and cycle to work like it’s no big deal. I didn’t even think of that, and I live here.

Here is Flagstaff. Elevation: 7000 feet. Pine trees, snow in the winter, liberals, and lots of cyclists.

Bike to Breakfast Day in 2011 began cold and nasty, and got progressively colder and nastier throughout the day.

This is what it it was like.

Several of our “I commute by bike” videos were shot this morning.

Creative Commons License DLDN Instrumental by timberman is licensed under an Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

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