The Invisible Cyclists

The video below was produced in conjunction with an article written by Good Magazine about Immigrants and the Bike Community in L.A. Both the video and the article bring up really important issues about environmental justice and its relationship to the bicycle as a means of transportation. In the L.A. area, a few of volunteers who work with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition created a number of great campaigns and projects called City of Lights, which work to reach out to the immigrant cyclist (or potential cyclist) population in the area, who are also referred to as the “invisible cyclists”. The video below, which I found over at Streetsblog LA, highlights the City of Lights program, it’s role in the local community, and some of the issues they are working to address. You can also check out the City of Lights blog.

I plan to write more about the topic of environmental justice and its relationship to utility cycling in the future, but for now, I highly recommend you check out this video and the associated articles.

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