'My name is _______, and I commute by bike.'

I Commute by BikeEver since the North American Handmade Bike Show we’ve been accumulating these short videos of people declaring, on record, that they commute by bike.

This is the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series.

Our hope is that we can show the world that bike commuting is not just the realm of bike geeks, hipsters, Lycraphiles, and other weirdos.

This first video is pretty heavy on the bike geeks and bike advocates. I’d like to get that ratio down.

I don’t want this to become an exercise in guessing what mainstream people want to see. I think that’s called marketing.

Instead, I’d like to invite our readers to film themselves.

So, if you have a camcorder, a digital camera, or phone that can make short movies, make your own video proclaiming, ‘My name is [YOUR NAME], and I commute by bike.’

Feel free to film your friends and coworkers too. The more the better.

We are working out the technical details and we will have an online form where you can submit those videos for future installments of these videos.

Update: The technical details have been conquered!

Here is the form to use:

[contact-form 2 “I Commute by Bike”]

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