Velo Orange Saddle Review (Coming Soon–butt not soon enough)

I just received a Velo Orange saddle to test. It’s a Model 3 Touring Saddle.

As you can see, it’s not even mounted on my bike yet.

I’m scared.

Velo Orange Saddle
Wait until my butt finds out about this

I’ve always looked at leather saddles on bikes belonging to other people and scratched my head. I never gave it any more thought, besides Why?

If I gave it more thought than that, it was to dismiss it as some kind of fashion or status thing.

Velo Orange Saddle TagWhen it arrived, I saw this tag.

As an American, I don’t instinctively know what “500-800” km means. But I did spend a chunk of my life in Cameroon, so I have a trick for converting kilometers to miles in my head.

Half of 800 is 400. Ten percent of 800 is 80. Add the two together you get 480.

Four hundred and eighty miles! Holy crap!

Okay, on the optimistic side that’s 500 km, or 300 miles.

My butt’s going to be on a hard leather rock for at least 300 miles?

What have I done?

Just look at the cushy saddle that came with my Dahon. I’m perfectly happy with it.   I’m not going to try one of those stupid…

Ah. Stupid. The “S word.” I’ve trained myself to listen to those pejoratives in my thoughts, and to take them as an indicator that my mind is closed.

So in the name of peace, love, and understanding, I’m going to give this saddle a try.

I’ll tell you how it goes, and write a review a few hundred miles from now.

Comfort me, Dear Readers.

Tell me everything is going to be alright.

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