'Gearing Up' for Bike to Work Week (Get it?)

Last week I was interviewed along with Josh Lipton and Anthony Quintile about the upcoming Bike to Work Week. Steve Benning did the interviewing. Although I’ve clumsily interviewed Steve Benning three times now (1, 2, 3), this time Steve Interviewed me. What a difference when a pro is in charge.

The interview has a lot of information about the Bike to Work Week events in Flagstaff, but there’s also relevant information for readers/viewers in the rest of the world.

The video is just this one shot, so it’s more of a listener than a watcher. If you want to watch, I’ve got some nice helmet hair that shows up in profile from time to time.

Eagle 103.7 Radio Interview
Anthony Quintile, Steve Benning, and Josh Lipton

Steve’s bike parking at work is right under an amazing Pantera poster.

Ohm meets Pantera
Walk on Ohm boy... (Get it?)

Steve dropped this gem for you e-bike skeptics:

We’re talking about the electric bike a lot because that’s what I’ve been lent, kind of as an experiment. "¦ I’m not going to lie, man. I need the assist. That’s what’s keeping me going around downtown"¦ Eventually by next summer, next spring, I won’t need the electric bike. That is my goal.

Anthony got wonky about how a town becomes a great cycling town:

It’s kind of a self-fulfilling cycle too. We have infrastructure, so people go out and use it. And especially during Bike to Work week, we help gather some numbers during that week on people who are using the infrastructure through our worksite challenge. We are then able to feed those numbers back to the multi-modal people"¦ who then can get money to help further that infrastructure and make it even easier and nicer to commute and walk around town.

And Josh was the standard bearer for J.O.Y.B.A.G.â„¢:

You go out to your garage and, there’s my bike, there’s my car, and, Oh I have a lot of stuff to deal with and maybe today it’s just easier to jump in my car. We wanted to figure out a way to talk about that. That’s where the JOYBAG concept came from. What’s the easiest way to jump on your bike and go?

And then, unrehearsed, Josh and I simultaneously say, J.O.Y.B.A.G.â„¢.

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