(Get Your) Car-Shaped Bike Racks on Route 66

This morning, Josh and I were interviewed about the upcoming Bike to Work Week on a local radio station. On the way back from the station, I noticed these car-shaped bike racks next to a picnic area along the multi-use path that follows Route 66 through Flagstaff.

Car-Shaped Bike Racks on Route 66
Hebb ElectroCruiser 700, looking confused

It’s a great homage to The Mother Road, an icon to American car culture. But I’d like to think that the artist who designed this, or the bureaucrat who approved it saw a little irony.

Route 66 Picnic Area
Josh with the wind at his back, on the Kahlkoff Pro Connect.

We were fighting a 40 miles-per-hour headwind, and neither of us were too proud to use the electric assist of the e-bikes.

I’ll have photos and video of the radio interview up soon.

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