Vaude Silk Road Plus Rack-Top Bag

Vaude Silk Road Plus Rack-Top BagI’ve had this Vaude Silk Road Plus Rack-Top Bag for several months, and it has totally become my manbag.

Clearly I’m not the guy you want to put in the spotlight to make cycling chic.

So, bike fashionistas, move on. It’s utilitarian time at Commute by Bike.

Both Silk Road models attach with Velcro, so the Silk Road Plus fits any rack I’ve ever tried. The little pop-down panniers are just big enough to be useful, but not so big that I have any heel-clearance problems when they’re on the rack of my folding bike.

The other day I found another opportunity to put my stepdaughter at risk on the Hebb e-bike.   This time I had a helmet on her head, and I had her sit on the rear rack–exceeding the recommended weight limit for the rack.

But I had to figure out what to do with my rack-top bag. It turns out it can be a handlebar bag in a pinch.

Vaude Silk Road Plus Rack-Top Bag
All hail Velcro!

I even made an amateurish video about the bag back when we were preparing to go to Interbike last year. We were testing our new camera and microphone–not doing a real product review–and you get to hear me say voddie about 25 times as I mispronounce Vaude.

If you can trust these two Australians, it’s pronounced VOW-day:

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