The Monowalker Cycling/Walking Trailer

A while back, Kai Fuchs of Monowalker contacted us about his new product to see if we would like to publish it on our website. Well a year later, I’m finally getting around to posting something up about this interesting direction for bike trailers. I’m not actually sure if I should call this a bike trailer as that is just one of its potential uses.

This hybrid product is first and foremost a walking trailer. The walking setup involves a single-wheel configuration as well as a handle and harness system. The primary intention is to be able to carry large loads over hiking trails without having to support the weight with your back.

Walking trailers are a rare breed of product, designed for hikers that prefer to keep the load off of their back. We’ve dealt with a few customers here and there who have been interested in the concept. One customer transformed a Burley Nomad into a walking trailer for his walk across the US and another of our bike cargo trailer, the Radical Designs offers up a walking trailer as well. Chariot Carriers makes a hiking kit for their lineup of bike child trailers as well. This niche market seems quite small in the US, but with the growing popularity of “walking holidays” in Europe, it seems to be a growing segment.

The Monowalker was launched in Europe last year primarily as a walking trailer, but also has use capabilities as a bike cargo trailer and even a backpack. While this product is primarily targeted at hikers who would appreciate the benefits of using it rather than a traditional hiking backpack, it’s hybrid nature is also appreciated by multi-modal adventures who will be both hiking and biking on their travels. For ambitious adventures who cover a journey where they would switch between hiking and biking, I could imagine using a folding bike that could be folded up and carried on the hiking trailer when the going got rough.

Beyond the interesting design aspects of this product, it appears to be a high quality, great looking product. To find out more have a look at the Monowalker website.

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