Employee Profile: Megan Fitch

I’ve decided to start doing some quick profiles of the people around Campfire Cycling.I thought I would start with our accountant, customer service, writer and all-arounder Megan Fitch. Megan is a good person to start with given all the recent adventures she’s been on with her daughter Neva. She just got back from a trip to Japan. She was far to the south of Japan on the island of Okinawa. She was actually there for several days after the tsunami and earthquake, though the area she felt relatively, little impact and Megan and Neva were able to easily catch their flight for their return home.Several weeks before her trip to Japan, Megan took her 1 year old daughter on her first bicycle tour. She flew into Costa Rica and met up with a good friend of ours Cass Gilbert. Cass, Megan and Neva headed up to southern Nicaragua for a week of great bicycle touring around the area on her new Surly Troll with Neva in tow in a Chariot Carrier.With Megan back home, she is back to the grind stone working on clearing out our 2010 accounting for filing our taxes. Megan has been foundational to the growth of Campfire Cycling, putting in great efforts to help the company grow over the last 3 years. When Megan isn’t busy with accounting tasks, she has been focusing in on writing out our expert-level, category pages. Our online shops are organized in two ways, Shop-by-Brand and Shop-by-Category. The Shop-by-Category pages are written with the intention of offering up comprehensive level information about a complete category of products. For example, Megan’s page on bike panniers, gives a very complete overview of styles, uses and mounting systems for panniers. These pages are intended to be a good starter page for customers early in the buying process trying to learn about what basic options are available in panniers.Have a look at Megan’s expert write-ups on handlebar bags, trunk bags and messenger bags for some good examples of her writing. Once Megan completes a full re-vamp of the category pages on Bike Bag Shop, Bike Kid Shop and Bike Trailer Shop, Megan will be shifting her efforts over to writing for a new section of our online shops called “Expert Articles”. These articles will focus on overall issues beyond the scope of product categories such as choosing a bike rack that fits your bike, bike panniers vs. bike cargo trailers and bike touring and bike commuting setups.Beyond her interest in bicycling and bicycle touring, Megan is an active practitioner of Bikram Yoga and continues her on-going studies and volunteer work in biology at NAU.


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