The Inside Scoop on Programming at the Campfire Cycling

Our programmer, Frank Koenen, got the blogging bug last week and decided to publish his first blog post, describing his work here over the past 18 months at the Campfire Cycling. The post entitled “18 Months With Wandertec, This is What I Do” really resonated with me as I’d been there with Frank every step of the way, working with him and watching him do his programming magic to get through the trials and tribulations to bring our webstores and blogs to the next level. Anyway, check out Frank’s article:

So I made a big decision about 18 months ago to leave a successful, multi-million dollar, corporation to join a fledgling company, Wandertec, also known as BikeShopHub. When I met the owner, Josh Lipton, I felt an presence of determination and quality in his character to run this small, but becoming not so small, company. Josh was able to help me recognize Wandertec as a small company, but a big thinking company. I would quickly come to recognize the good decisions already laid out in the company, the balance of lean thinking, good quality and simple solutions.At the time I met Josh, the company was operating out of Joshs garage. He and two dedicated employees, Robin and Megan, had already managed the business into a 6 digit retail e-commerce business.I have been lucky enough to have made a life long career in the information technology field using open-source solutions. Ive always gravitated to simple, what works, quality solutions. My opportunities over the years had allowed me to make use of open-source solutions. Wandertec had found themselves successful with these tools and needed help taking it to the next level. I sensed a good match and opportunity was at hand.When I started with BSH, they had three e-commerce sites, two of which were generating revenues but in disparate internal work flows, some blog sites, accounting software, and a limping-along order processing software package. Website changes were made directly to the live sites. Product content intermixed with program code. The public sites were running, but like molasses in January.For the full article, go to Frank’s blog at

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