Interview: Renold Yip of YiPsan Bicycles – NAHBS 2011

Josh’s second interview at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) is with Renold Yip of YiPsan Bicycles.

YiPsan Bicycles
YiPsan Bicycles

Yip became a cyclist early, and he clearly does what he does out of love of bikes. But when he talked about advocacy was when he started singing my tune. Josh asks him what custom frame builders can do to promote cycling:

In the US, to promote the idea that riding a bike on the roadway is not a dangerous thing to do, is one key element. Because I think a lot of people, especially maybe females, are concerned about safety, maybe a bit more than guys. If we can let them know that it’s almost equally as safe, or the danger can be controlled or avoided, I think there will be a lot more people to get into biking, either just for commuting or for health reasons.

Part 1: Yip discusses his history and motivation

Part 2: Includes sexy pan shots of a YiPsan bike

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